Festival Info


At a glance

  • 2-day festival with 15 bands
  • ticket: 39€ incl. camping
  • KNRD Fest e.V. - 100% non-profit


  • Am Hohen Kreuz, 91220 Hormersdorf (near Nuremberg)
  • A9 exit Hormersdorf
  • bus-stop: Hormersdorf Mitte


The entry fee for the 2-day festival incl. camping costs 39€

A limited amount of cheaper day-tickets will be available incl. camping for 25€.


  • symptoms of illness: stay at home or leave the festival as soon as possible.
  • hygiene: use the washing facilities and the disinfectant dispenser regularly.
  • mask: you are welcome to wear a mask, if you feel more comfortable with it.

festival site

KNRD Fest takes place on the grounds of the NaturFreunde Lauf.

In an idyllic clearing in the forest, you can live out your life peacefully and friendly to your heart's content. If you don't heed this, you can be expelled from the site.

  • admission: Friday 4 p.m. / Saturday + Sunday 9 a.m.
  • beverages: you mustn´t bring your own drinks to the festival site.
  • house ban: xenophobia, racism, sexism, violence, pyrotechnics, weapons and hard drugs
  • peace & punk: in everything you do, be considerate, know your limits and respect your environment.


Not far from the festival site, a farmer is making his meadow available for camping and parking.

KNRD reserves the right to remove you from the site if you continue to violate the rules.

  • Admission: Friday 4 p.m. - please not earlier!
  • signs: please follow the signs on site
  • camping and parking: you are only allowed with a ticket or wristband.
  • forbidden: glass(!), loud music, party tents, barbecues, open fires, power generators, sofas or other junk that remains on the meadow after the festival.
  • keep silence at night: the camping meadow is intended as a retreat for relaxation and is no classic "festival campsite".
  • alcohol: please refrain from bringing large amounts of alcohol with you. The music is playing on the festival grounds!
  • trash: help KNRD to keep the meadow clean and use the provided garbage bags and the garbage container.

Food & drinks

Again this year, we will take care of your physical well-being with a varied range of food and drinks.

You won't be missing anything other than a few brain cells.

  • Franconian beer: freshly tapped to the 0.5l glass mug for 4€
  • cocktails: classic cocktails mixed with love (8€ / 0.4l), "Pfeffi" and homemade "Mexikaner"
  • breakfast: Weißwurst or hummus breakfast from the "Friends of Nature" (Saturday + Sunday / 9 a.m. - 12 p.m.)
  • food stalls: for meat and plant lovers at an affordable price (Friday + Saturday / 1pm - midnight

DIY & non-profit

The non-profit KNRD Fest e.V. wants to contribute to the stimulation of the punk rock scene by offering a stage to regional and international talents.

KNRD always makes sure to pay the bands properly and never works for profit.

All organizers and helpers of KNRD Fest work on a voluntary basis and invest their free time in planning and running the festival. Please consider and respect that, should it take a little longer or not work so well.

You want to help too?

Then contact KNRD at info@knrdfest.de

Or become a member of KNRD Fest e.V.


KNRD does its best to make the festival barrier-free, but is dependent on the local conditions.

  • handicapped-accessible Dixie toilet: accessible without barriers on the festival site
  • accessibility: access is via a steep dirt road that can be used in exceptional cases.
  • helpfulness: you can be sure of help!

Youth protection

The legal provisions for the protection of minors apply throughout the festival and camping grounds.

  • Children up to the age of 14: do not need a ticket and have free entry, if they are accompanied by their parents (with a ticket).
  • children and young people under the age of 16: are only admitted, when accompanied by a parent or adult with a ticket
  • youth protection form: the necessary youth protection form must always be carried with you on the entire festival and camping site. The accompanying person must always be able to identify themselves!
  • alcohol ban: for young people under the age of 16 and the ban on drinks containing spirits for young people under the age of 18.
  • hearing protection: KNRD asks you to pay particular attention to adequate hearing protection for children.